Last weekend I worked at the Blue October concert at the Pabst Theater. I worked there for my internship with the Milwaukee Radio Alliance and FM 102.1. This was my first concert where I got to work a sound check party for station winners. I have to say it was pretty awesome! I checked people in for the sound check and then I got to check it out for myself. Blue October was also accompanied by an awesome band called The Solider Thread. The lead singer had an amazing voice and I am definitely interested in hearing more from her. I also got to meet the band for the station meet and greet. I was expecting them to be very rude and rushed to get out of there but they were actually some of the nicest people I have met. I was really excited to get a signed poster by them and my photo taken with them which is posted below. I also got a chance to check out the actual concert after working and it was amazing! It was an all acoustic show and all the guys had so much talent. It was a really fun concert to see. I’m sure there will be many more concert encounters very soon, and I will be right back here to tell you about them!

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