Ok, so I haven't blogged in awhile - however a recent event has inspired me to do something in memory of a great family pet. 

When my family decided to move out into the country on a horse farm, there was no doubt that we needed to get some "barn cats." Dexter and Roxy were are first two kittens that we got. I remember Dexter being an extra fluffy, exceptionally pink-nosed kitten. After getting to know Dexter and how friendly he was - we considered bringing him in the house several times. However, our dog Sadie was a little too agressive for Dexter. Still, Dexter was barely a barn cat to us. 

He quickly made his home in our garage with a kitty bed included, but often slept on my dads car. Dexter was the most friendly cat I have ever been around and quickly became great friends with my sisters 3-year-old daughter, Claire. Every day when Claire would come over she would ask where "Deck-der" was, and spend a lot of time playing with him.

The other week I got a call from my upset sister, and knew something had happened to the cat. We lived right on a busy highway and sadly Dexter decided to cross at the wrong time and was hit by a car. I had a fear of this happening for such a long time and suddenly the reality had hit me.

It hit me the hardest when Claire said to me, "Maybe Dexter is just gone out playing with his friends, or maybe taking a nap in the barn." The hardest thing was to see Claire's little buddy taken away from her.

However, I do believe that Dexter is out playing with his friends. I know he is the most popular cat in kitty heaven - he was one cool dude. Some may say he was just a "barn cat," but Dexter was also part of our family and a great friend to little Claire. 

Dexter was buried under one of his favorite shade trees out in our horse pastures and is resting in peace with our other kitty, Tessie. Miss you buddy - take care of that sassy calico! <3 

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